Thursday, December 02, 2010

Behold, Another Erratic Web-to-TV Gadget -

Another Internet + TV reality check

The solution to the problem, though, is not blocking Web shows from your TV. First, as the Orb shows, there are workarounds to that blockade. Second, what is a TV anymore? TV sets are becoming computers, computers are becoming TV’s, the line is blurring, and the blocking of gadgets is looking more and more arbitrary.

No, the solution is to sit the TV executives and advertisers down and find a way to make Web shows pay for themselves, no matter what device they’re playing on. That would make infinitely more sense. It would mean that gadgets like the Orb could be more refined and a lot less hacky. We could watch TV anywhere, the networks could make more money and everybody would win.

Behold, Another Erratic Web-to-TV Gadget -

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