Sunday, November 14, 2010

MobileNoter | OneNote on iPhone [or iPad] - How-To Geek Reviews

Check the link below for a MobileNoter review.  I recently installed and started exploring MobileNoter; it works reasonably well, but syncs slowly on large notebooks and has a few idiosyncrasies.  Still worth exploring if you want to capture and/or view OneNote notes on iOS devices.

Do you use OneNote as your primary note-taking tool on your PC?  If so, you’ve likely wanted to take your notes on the go with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.  MobileNoter is an app that lets you do just that.  It’s a nearly full featured OneNote app that runs on iOS, so you can view or edit your notes or create a new Quick note wherever you are.  Let’s take a look at its features and see if this is the mobile note taking tool for you.



MobileNoter | OneNote on iPhone - How-To Geek Reviews

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