Friday, October 15, 2010

The Microsoft Office Blog - Where do good ideas come from? (video)

Check the link below for a couple embedded videos (including another excellent RSA Animate book synopsis) and explore Johnson’s latest book (Kindle sample available)

Is it true that "Chance favors the connected mind?" That's one conclusion of Steven Johnson's intriguing new book, Where good ideas come from. Johnson draws from events throughout history to describe 7 patterns and conditions--from "liquid networks" to "the slow hunch"--that foster creative breakthroughs, and invites us to use them to tap our own innovative genius. 

For a visual treat, check out this video summary. (He's the narrator. Looks like RSA Animate did the illustration.)


Nowadays, one of the best tools for creating your own commonplace book to network your ideas is Microsoft OneNote. It's designed to keep all your notes together--no matter how random they may seem to you at the time--so you can search them, organize them (if you want to), and--most important--use them. If you're not already familiar with OneNote, find out more right here by searching for "OneNote" on the Office blog, follow the OneNote blog, or check out the OneNote product information at As with all of the Office 2010 products, you can try it for free.

The Microsoft Office Blog - Where do good ideas come from? (video)

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