Friday, October 01, 2010

A free press no more - The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe is going for-fee on-line

Yesterday’s announcement was a game-changer to all this, a better-late-than-never victory for those of us who believe we should have been charging all along. Readers will still get a choice. will remain free, with news updates through the day, but sometime next year Globe stories will live and hopefully thrive on a paid site,

Free doesn’t begin to pay for the expensive journalism that’s produced here. Free doesn’t pay for reporters who keep public officials and major institutions honest, and expose them when they’re not. It doesn’t pay for the best critics in the country, as we have. It doesn’t pay for some of the best education reporters, the most attuned environment and public health reporters, sophisticated political reporters, tireless sports reporters, sharp financial reporters, and the restaurant critic who keeps chefs on their toes.

A free press no more - The Boston Globe

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