Friday, December 04, 2009

Pondering Google’s Move Into the D.N.S. Business - Bits Blog -

More perspectives on Google’s DNS ambitions.  A useful heuristic to consider in this context: what would the press and blogosphere reaction be if Microsoft did something similar?

“Web pages today combine so many resources from different domains across the Internet. You are putting a lot more load on the D.N.S. infrastructure across the Internet, and this can slow down the browsing experience quite a bit,” said Prem Ramaswami, the Google product manager in charge of the new effort. “We are working to make the Web faster. The D.N.S. system today hasn’t really been improved for a while.”

One company that would object to that last statement is OpenDNS, a venture-backed start-up based in San Francisco with a similar product, which has more than 15 million users. In a blog post on Thursday, the company’s founder, David Ulevitch, questioned Google’s motives.

“You have to remember they are also the largest advertising and redirection company on the Internet. To think that Google’s D.N.S. service is for the benefit of the Internet would be naïve,” Mr. Ulevitch wrote. “They know there is value in controlling more of your Internet experience, and I would expect them to explore that fully.”

Pondering Google’s Move Into the D.N.S. Business - Bits Blog -

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