Monday, December 14, 2009

EU signals it warms to Oracle-Sun deal - Yahoo! News

When the EC starts saying nice things and people with potentially deep conflicts of interest start “campaigns” to block a deal, the final chapter is near…

The Commission said in a statement Oracle's binding contractual undertakings were "significant new facts".

"Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes ... is optimistic that the case will have a satisfactory outcome, while ensuring that the transaction will not have an adverse impact on effective competition in the European database market," it said.


Critics of the deal said Oracle's proposals would not resolve competition concerns.

"This is purely cosmetic, totally ineffectual. Neither storage engine vendors nor "forkers" -- developers of derived versions -- nor enterprise users would have a basis on which to invest in MySQL-related innovation," Florian Mueller, a spokesman for MySQL founder Michael Widenius, said.

EU signals it warms to Oracle-Sun deal - Yahoo! News

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