Friday, December 04, 2009

Comcast-NBC deal raises eyebrows - The Boston Globe

And would “30 Rock” be as much fun if it couldn’t lampoon GE?…

Comcast is already the nation’s leading provider of cable television service with 24 million subscribers and the biggest provider of residential high-speed Internet access with 16 million customers. Critics say it’s dangerous for a single company to have so much control over the production, distribution, and cost of entertainment and information.

Joel Kelsey of the nonprofit Consumers Union wondered whether NBC Universal channels might get preferential treatment on Comcast systems. Comcast could place them in basic service tiers to ensure the largest possible audience, Kelsey said, but rival channels might be consigned to higher-priced tiers, with fewer viewers and less potential for advertising revenues.

Comcast-NBC deal raises eyebrows - The Boston Globe

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