Sunday, October 11, 2009

YouTube: We’re Bigger Than You Thought - Bits Blog -

Interesting times for YouTube

But on the third anniversary of its $1.65 billion deal to sell itself to Google, YouTube is saying, in a sense, you may be underestimating us. The company released more precise viewing figures than it had in the past, saying it serves more than 1 billion videos a day, or roughly 30 billion in a month.


So why did YouTube release these figures now? A company spokesman said in an e-mail that the anniversary of the deal was a good occasion to talk about growth.

That may be. But it seems to fit a pattern. For the last several months, Google, which typically says very little of substance about the numbers underlying its business, appears to have been trying to dispel the idea put forward by Wall Street analysts and some tech pundits that YouTube is a cash sinkhole.

YouTube: We’re Bigger Than You Thought - Bits Blog -

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