Monday, October 05, 2009

Will Google's Wave Replace E-Mail—and Facebook? - BusinessWeek

With market expectations now set at ~infinity, it’ll be interesting to see if Google Wave can deliver. An excerpt from page 2 of the BW article:

Rasmussen says his team has already been approached by several companies looking to build their own Wave-like services and connect them to Google Wave so that users of different services can communicate with one another. "We have a vision of a future where there's a Google Wave, a Yahoo Wave, a Microsoft Wave, and they all inter-operate," says Rasmussen, who wouldn't say if Google has had discussions with Yahoo or Microsoft.

Early responses to Wave have been mixed, with some users questioning whether it enhances productivity and others saying it's overly complex. "The big question remains whether it enters the mainstream," says Laura Martin, an analyst at Soleil Securities Group.

Also see "Can Google Stay on Top of the Web?" from this week's BW

Will Google's Wave Replace E-Mail—and Facebook? - BusinessWeek

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