Saturday, October 03, 2009 / Media - Magazine publishers plan digital store

The plot thickens…

Time Inc is leading an industry-wide joint venture to create a digital store for magazines as a way for publishers to avoid surrendering their digital future to the likes of or Apple.

The new service, as yet unnamed, would serve as a digital storefront for magazines, possibly newspapers and other publications and is expected to be announced in about a month. The launch is planned for 2010, people familiar with the plan said.


Publishers including Time have held separate talks with Apple about placing magazines on Apple’s forthcoming tablet device. The publishers’ product is designed to be technology “agnostic”, but it is unclear if or how the venture would work with other systems developed to charge for content.

The publishers are intent on remaining masters of their own destiny, while Apple does not want to change the percentage it takes from content sellers every time something new comes along.

“It’s their business model, not ours,” said one person close to Apple. / Media - Magazine publishers plan digital store

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