Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Why the EU should block Oracle/Sun - Computerworld Blogs

More analysis and speculation about what’s next in the EU/Oracle/Sun context.  Read the full article for some interesting insights from Henrik Ingo, the COO of Monty Program Ab, which is based on a fork of the MySQL code base.  An excerpt:

He agrees with me that "It is true that Sun is suffering every day now. One interesting consequence to understand is that the EU has stalled on a very narrow point of the big picture. Oracle has all powers to end this process in 1 day, by agreeing with the EU to divest the MySQL part and keep the rest. After all, Oracle would want us to believe that MySQL is so insignificant they don't even care to talk about it and the MySQL revenues are so small that a regulator shouldn't even be concerned. If indeed Oracle is not interested in MySQL, there is no reason for them to drag this process any day longer. Otoh if they are not letting go of MySQL... maybe there is something there for the EU to look at after all?"

What it all boils down to is that "MySQL indeed competes and puts price pressure on Oracle."

Why the EU should block Oracle/Sun - Computerworld Blogs

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