Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oracle Has Customers Over a Barrel - BusinessWeek

Headline news: prices sometimes rise in oligopoly markets… 

From p. 2 of the article:

For decades, Ellison had nothing but scorn for tech companies that bought growth. After co-founding Oracle with $2,000 in 1977, he often took swipes at rivals for "writing checks, not code." All that changed on June 6, 2003, when he launched a hostile takeover offer for rival PeopleSoft. During an interview that day with BusinessWeek in a suite at New York's Carlyle Hotel, Ellison called it the dawn of a new era in software. "There will be a handful of very large entrenched companies that will dominate the technology industry," he predicted.

A handy chart:

Oracle Has Customers Over a Barrel - BusinessWeek

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