Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mark Logic CEO Blog: The Perils of Text-Only Search

A timely reality check from Dave Kellogg; check the full post

You won't be surprised to know that I use a series of Google Alerts to help me track events relevant to Mark Logic. I often have two problems with them:

  • Old content is mis-identified as new. You can ask any Mark Logician about the number of times I've forwarded a story that I thought was a hot news item only to discover it was four years old and that Google had nevertheless "alerted" me to its existence. I highlight this here because it bugs me, but I will not drill into it.
  • Content is mis-parsed, resulting in erroneous matches and alerts.

Later in the post:

It's not just about catching that Mark is the last word of sentence 20 and Logic is the first word in sentence 21. It's about combining structural, semantic, and full-text constraints and in virtually any combination. And that unleashes a mind-boggling amount of query power. A power, by the way, that we're accustomed to against data, but are now only beginning to explore against content.

Mark Logic CEO Blog: The Perils of Text-Only Search

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