Saturday, May 03, 2008

WinInfo Short Takes: Week of May 5, 2008 [Grand Theft Auto IV stats]


Grand Theft Auto IV Hits: A Few Facts and Figures
I've got bad news for any Halo fan-boys who actually thought their favorite game series was a heavyweight: It's not even a contender. The first cracks appear late last year, when Call of Duty 4 quickly overtook Halo 3 as the most-frequently played game on Xbox Live. But the recently released Grand Theft Auto IV might be even more problematic. When Halo 3 shipped last year, Microsoft touted its $170 million in first day sales, comparing it to "Spider-Man 3" opening day receipts of just $151 million--a record for the movie industry. Well, GTA4 puts them both to shame: Preorders for GTA4 hit $400 million, or 6 million units, over two times Halo 3's opening day take. These sales help explain why gaming giant EA recently undertook a $2 billion takeover bid for GTA maker Take Two. And there's little doubt that GTA4 will be the best-selling game of the year. It all makes me wonder if the game is any good. I grabbed a copy and have to say my initial reaction tends toward negative, and this certainly isn't a game for kids. But I'll give it a shot, of course. You never know.

WinInfo Short Takes: Week of May 5, 2008

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