Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Technology Review: Gates: 'Key decisions' up to Ballmer

I doubt this is some kind of elaborate poker game; I think the MSFT/YHOO scenario really is history

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said Tuesday that ''key decisions'' following the company's withdrawal of a $47.5 billion bid for Yahoo will be made by CEO Steve Ballmer.

Gates was asked about the software giant's plans after the Yahoo bid fell apart, including whether Microsoft would pursue another deal of the same size elsewhere.

''Well, the key decisions on that will be made by Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer, who took a look at Yahoo and decided that on our own he likes the stuff that we're doing,'' Gates said, according to a pool report.

''We need to show the innovation and it's a very competitive space,'' he added. ''I wouldn't rule out some partnerships but we don't have anything imminent there.''

Technology Review: Gates: 'Key decisions' up to Ballmer

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