Thursday, May 03, 2007

Obama Runs Into Dust-Up About a Profile on MySpace -

Interesting times... 

Joe Anthony, a Los Angeles paralegal, detailed his falling out with the Obama campaign in a post on his personal MySpace page Tuesday. A profile created by Mr. Anthony three years ago for Mr. Obama had become the focus of online support on MySpace, bringing the candidate some 160,000 "friends," users who are approved by the page's owner to visit and post comments.

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Mr. Anthony had given the Obama campaign access to update the page, but the campaign eventually wanted more control. When negotiations broke down he changed the site's password. Mr. Anthony then requested at least $39,000 to compensate him for the time he had put in so far.

The Obama campaign complained to MySpace, which froze Mr. Anthony's account and gave the "Barack Obama" name to the campaign. In the process, Mr. Obama, an Illinois Democrat, lost some of the friends he had accumulated on Mr. Anthony's site and had to start over. As of last night, Mr. Obama had about 20,000 friends.

Source: Obama Runs Into Dust-Up About a Profile on MySpace -

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