Tuesday, June 07, 2005

WSJ.com - With Intel Inside Apple, Macs May Be Faster, Smaller

WSJ.com - With Intel Inside Apple, Macs May Be Faster, Smaller: "IBM yesterday defended its PowerPC chips, saying that they are widely used in everything from supercomputers to mobile devices. In a statement that didn't name Apple, Big Blue touted the adoption of its chips by videogame-console makers, including Microsoft Corp., Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co. 'IBM is focused on the highest-value opportunities in each marketplace,' the statement said.
Freescale CEO Michel Mayer sent an email to the company's employees expressing disappointment over Apple's decision. His missive, however, noted that the Macintosh business accounted for less than 3% of Freescale's revenue, and suggested that the company will benefit from focusing on other areas. 'It is increasingly clear that the center of technology innovation is moving away from the personal computer,' he wrote."
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