Wednesday, June 29, 2005

ObjectWatch Newsletter: The Elephant That Wasn’t There

ObjectWatch Newsletter: The Elephant That Wasn’t There: "The Elephant That Wasn’t There. This issue reports on Microsoft’s major Tech-Ed 2005 conference in Orlando earlier this month. This was the conference at which Microsoft laid out its strategy for redefining Corporate IT by directly challenging You-Know-Who. Or maybe you don’t, because Microsoft never mentioned the company that is now its primary target for oblivion. Don’t miss this unique perspective on this important conference. Note: PDF only (we are experimenting with a new format)."

"So, for the first time in Microsoft history, every product that is relevant to IT is being lined up in a cohesive and coordinated attack on IBM. Even the
dates of the product releases are timed together. Paul Flessner, Senior Vice President of Server Applications, announced in his keynote that the triumvirate of BizTalk 2006, SQL Server 2005, and Visual Studio 2005 will all be formally launched at the same time, during the week of November 7. A unified launch date of three independent products represents a coordination of effort that is entirely without precedent at Microsoft. Apparently, they are taking the elephant seriously."

More insightful analysis from Roger Sessions.

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