Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Novell Continues WordPerfect Antitrust Battle Against Microsoft

Novell Continues WordPerfect Antitrust Battle Against Microsoft: "According to a report on Bloomberg News, a federal judge in Baltimore has given Novell the go-ahead to continue pursuing two antitrust claims against Microsoft. The claims involve WordPerfect, the word-processing software that Novell briefly owned in the mid-1990s. US District Judge Frederick Motz rejected four other Novell claims, however, noting that the company waited too long to pursue them.
According to Novell, Microsoft's anticompetitive behavior damaged Novell's ability to sell WordPerfect software. In 1990, Novell says, WordPerfect commanded 50 percent of the market. That market share was reduced to just 10 percent by 1996, when Microsoft Office Word seized a monopoly-level 90 percent of the market, a dominance that Office products continue to enjoy today. To support its claims, Novell cites various Microsoft email messages and other evidence that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) unearthed during its epic antitrust battle with the software giant."

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