Saturday, June 04, 2005

IBM Rational Backs Off on .Net Tools Support

IBM Rational Backs Off on .Net Tools Support: "'I don't think it's a matter of pulling away,' said Danny Sabbah, the newly appointed general manager of IBM Rational. 'You have to be careful because Rational never had a significant presence ... in terms of the core integrated development environments that developers use everyday.
'And I think prior to the acquisition by IBM, Rational did not play in that particular space,' he said. 'After the acquisition by IBM, all of a sudden Rational inherited an end-to-end life cycle capability that not only dealt with methodology and process, but also dealt with all aspects of integrated development. And I think that to a certain extent Microsoft saw that as a threat and so all of a sudden, basically moved to provide that kind of capability and to do it in the concept of Microsoft, with Microsoft itself growing outside. As we were growing inside that constituency, they were going to modelers and designers and team tools.' "
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