Friday, June 10, 2005

CTC 2005 | CollabLog: Wikis for Group Collaboration

CTC 2005 | CollabLog: Wikis for Group Collaboration "The average Fortune 1000 employee spends 4 hours in email everyday, where email captures 75% of knowledge and 90% of collaboration time. So, email carries with it a lot of inefficiencies in productivity and, by its archiving system and inconsistent sending lists, does not foster group memory. My email archive is different from those in my project team - my memory of the project is just one of many isolated threads of the overall picture - our group memories are disrupted, and there is no way to easily share them with new group members.
Wikis, when used for project communication instead of group emails can help solve these issues. Socialtext has found that time savings and shared understanding through access to information can reduce the project cycle by 25%. Group emails create occupational spam; with a wiki, you can choose which material you are notified of, how often, and in what form (email, RSS). This type of asynchronous communication gives you the control."

Comments from Socialtext CEO Ross Mayfield
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