Thursday, September 25, 2003 - Tech Bodies Argue Whether Microsoft Is Security Threat - Tech Bodies Argue Whether Microsoft Is Security Threat "Computer-security experts and a high-tech trade group traded barbs over whether Microsoft Corp.'s dominance in personal-computer software is a threat to national security, fueling a broader debate over the relative merits of Microsoft's products and so-called open-source software.
In a statement Wednesday, seven computer-security experts said Microsoft's products are "riddled with flaws" and "inherently dangerous" for software users and society at large. The experts released the report at a meeting in Washington, D.C., of the Computer and Communications Industry Association, which is backed by Microsoft rivals Sun Microsystems Inc. and Oracle Corp.
In response, Americans for Technology Leadership, a trade group that counts Microsoft as a member, denounced the report as a "shameless" effort to "advance the interests of a few" companies by exploiting broader fears over national security."

Perhaps Sun and Oracle should increase investment in their own products and reduce spending on political action committees.
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