Friday, September 12, 2003

Apple Computer History Weblog : Who Killed Apple Computer?

Apple Computer History Weblog : Who Killed Apple Computer?: "It's great to see so many people excited about the things they accomplished at Apple. The things we did were wonderful, they improved people's lives, and they are worth celebrating.
But I think we should not lose sight of the fact that Apple Computer as a whole was a massive failure. Our fundamental goal, if you remember, was to transform the world by setting people free from bad computer design and stifling corporate dictates. 'The Computer for the Rest of Us,' we promised.
Today 'the rest of us' are a tiny personal computing clique. The company is the eccentric elderly uncle of the computer industry -- still interesting, still beloved, but no longer truly powerful. No longer dangerous.
Although we successfully forced personal computing to move to the graphical interface, since then fundamental innovation in personal computing has ground to a stop. The operating system most computers users work with every day is stuck in 1993, with very little fundamental improvement in the last decade. The applications on users' desktops, bloated beasts like Word and PowerPoint, haven't substantially improved in years.
Why? Because they don't have to change. Because there's no effective competition. Because Apple failed."

Via Wired
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