Thursday, September 18, 2003

Mass High Tech: Netscape veteran plans for another biggie

Mass High Tech: Netscape veteran plans for another biggie "Larry Geisel is plenty jazzed about his new position as chief executive at Cambridge-based Nexaweb Technologies Inc.
In fact, he says he hasn’t been this excited about a company since he agreed to become the chief information officer at a small but promising California technology company. That company was Netscape, and its subsequent IPO in August 1995 would usher in the technology boom.
“Over the last several years, I’ve been involved with several companies as an advisor or consultant, but this was a compelling reason to get back into an operating role,” Geisel said.
Nexaweb makes server-side software that aims to give its users both the rich functionality of client-based software and the easy availability and installation of web-based applications.
Using distributed computing technology on a Java platform, Nexaweb’s software decides whether computation would be more efficient on the client or the server side. If the client makes more sense, it moves the application from the server to the user’s desktop."
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