Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Why the FCC May be Calling on Facebook and Other Live Streaming Services Soon | Tech.pinions

Final paragraphs:
"Facebook and other live streaming sites could still be allowed to deliver live streaming to smaller groups of people, which is part of Facebook’s VR strategy. But if a live stream goes to a mass audience, it would come under some type of FCC ruling that goes through perhaps an hour delay so that it can be filtered to make sure things like this New Zealand massacre never see’s the light of day. Other regions of the world would also need to have similar laws and rules for this to work. On a worldwide basis this type of live streaming could not be stamped out completely, but it would reduce how much something like this could be shown live.

Of course, any concept of regulating the Internet will be highly controversial. But this New Zealand shooting being shown to a worldwide audience is dangerous on so many levels. One is that once you view it, you can’t unsee it. It also can serve as a means to bolster other radicals to consider doing copy cat versions of this against anything they are against. We could come up with dozens of other reasons why live streaming of massacres, executions and many other deeply offensive content should never be allowed to be shown.

The FCC’s oversight of live TV and Radio has not been considered censorship. Their role is to protect the airwaves and what goes over it and are rules based. The FCC could work with the social media sites to come up with the kinds of rules that keep this type of content away from people as part of this oversight. Facebook, Twitter and others who provide live streaming services should do this type of policing on their own and self regulate this type of content. But if they won’t, they can expect that the FCC and other communications regulatory bodies around the world will come knocking very soon."
Why the FCC May be Calling on Facebook and Other Live Streaming Services Soon | Tech.pinions

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