Thursday, March 07, 2019

Facebook’s Privacy Cake | Stratechery

From a timely Stratechery Facebook reality check:
"Ultimately there are three broad takeaways from Zuckerberg’s article:
    • Stop expecting companies to act against their interests. Facebook isn’t killing their core business anymore than Apple, to take a pertinent example, is willing to go to the mat to protect user data in China.
    • Facebook is not an inherently bad actor. It is perfectly reasonable that the company can be instituting genuinely user-friendly changes like end-to-end encryption even as it furthers its own self-interests.
    • Relatedly, and most importantly, there needs to be much more appreciation for the anti-competitive trade-offs inherent in an absolutist approach to privacy. Facebook is doing what its fiercest critics supposedly want, and enhancing its competitive position as a result."
Facebook’s Privacy Cake | Stratechery

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