Friday, February 08, 2019

News aggregator Nuzzel sold to subscription service Scroll | VB

All the news that's fit to Scroll -- and perhaps a leading indicator of the anticipated Apple News Magazines
"Which brings us to why Scroll is buying Nuzzel. Scroll, as you may know, is a coalition of publishers and platforms. It is backed by Axel Springer, News Corp, and the New York Times — three of the world’s biggest publishers — and led by former executives of Chartbeat, Spotify, and Foursquare. The platform counts MSNBC, BuzzFeed, Vox Media, The Atlantic, Slate, Fusion Media Group, and USA Today among its media partners.

“Scroll works automatically if you’re in mobile apps like Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn or Facebook or just reading in Chrome on your laptop. It seamlessly syncs content across your devices and is format-agnostic,” according to the company. Scroll says more than 60 publishers have been internally testing the subscription service and have determined that “it is possible and profitable to give consumers control over the experience they want.”

The company plans to offer readers access to articles from partner outlets for a monthly fee of $5, 70 percent of which will go to publishers. As of today, Scroll has not launched its service to the public. “Nuzzel is one of the best algorithmic curators out there, and we want to see what we can learn from having that in-house about how best to find a pathway for these kind of discovery activities to be sustainable and solely user-focused. It may not lead to any great breakthroughs, but it’s important to try,” Haile told VentureBeat."
News aggregator Nuzzel sold to subscription service Scroll | VB

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