Friday, February 01, 2019

Apple Stands Up for Privacy. Does It Matter? | NYT

Final paragraphs from Kara Swisher's latest Facebook reality check
"Still, it’s interesting that Mr. Cook climbed out on this limb anyway. Some insiders at Facebook are alleging he did so to get the heat off Apple’s troubles. But that’s a canard. Mr. Cook has long been vocal about distinguishing Apple from Facebook when it comes to user data and the importance of protecting privacy.

The bigger problem is that such an important issue might turn out to be the real nothing burger. Facebook turned in another stellar quarter this week, which made its stock rise strongly. So despite all the sketchy things the company is accused of doing by Apple and many others, most investors and analysts don’t seem to care, and they will never care, as long as its digital advertising business — goosed by its astonishing and nakedly ambitious ability to suck in data, data and more data from all of us — continues to impress. Simply put, Wall Street does not care.

Or to use an old bromide: Facebook is so poor, all it has is money."
Apple Stands Up for Privacy. Does It Matter? | NYT

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