Monday, October 01, 2018

The False Musk-Jobs Parallel -- Monday Note

Final paragraphs below; also see Elon Musk Settled With the S.E.C., but Tesla’s Troubles Aren’t Over (NYT) and Tesla Shares Jump After SEC Settlement Leaves Musk as CEO (Bloomberg)
"Musk doesn’t deserve to be compared to Steve Jobs, he’s a category unto himself. He has improvised on a scale we’ve never seen before and has forced the incumbents to wake up and adopt EVs as their future. Competitors, especially from Germany, seem eager to make announcements, such as Audi two weeks ago, on September 17th, disclosing a $75K SUV, the e-tron, available next year — with only 20,000 vehicles allocated for the US market, a number to be compared to Tesla’s output. Every car maker will eventually deploy one or more EVs — they have no choice, and part of that imperative is due to Musk, with our thanks.
With continued luck and Musk’s wiles, Tesla will be seen as the one and only pure, prosperous EV maker, the successful pioneer of a new era."
The False Musk-Jobs Parallel -- Monday Note

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