Friday, October 05, 2018

Introducing the Internet Bill of Rights -- NYT

From Kara Swisher's latest column
"Mr. Berners-Lee, who is widely known as the inventor of the World Wide Web and who advised Mr. Khanna on the creation of his list, agrees. “If the internet is to live up to its potential as a force for good in the world, we need safeguards that ensure fairness, openness and human dignity,” he said in an email. “This Bill of Rights provides a set of principles that are about giving users more control of their online lives while creating a healthier internet economy.”

Ms. Pelosi said that national legislation does not have to be hostile, noting that tech companies know that public sentiment is turning against them. She said that more and more people are “aware that there is some vulnerability with the status quo” and that she believes that “legislation would get public support.”

It already has in Europe — which has become the leader in stopping tech’s aggressive march — and in Ms. Pelosi’s home state, California, which has passed many of the kinds of laws that Congress should be considering."
Introducing the Internet Bill of Rights -- NYT

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