Thursday, October 04, 2018

Cloudera and Hortonworks announce $5.2 billion merger -- TechCrunch

And then there were two (Cloudera and MapR)... Tellingly, the body of the deal press release doesn't include a single instance of "Hadoop"...
"Over the years, Hadoop,  the once high-flying open-source platform, gave rise to many companies and an ecosystem of vendors emerged. It was long believed that some major companies would emerge from the pack, and, sure enough, Hortonworks went public in 2014. Cloudera followed three years later, but the market slowed down and the two companies announced today they are merging in a deal worth $5.2 billion, based on the price at the close of business yesterday.
Doug Henschen, an VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research sees the cloud eating into Hadoop’s market in a big way. “The move to the cloud is, in my view, sapping growth and revenue potential for these companies such that it won’t sustain three profitable players with strong, double-digit growth. Cloudera and Hortonworks have both moved to provide consistent hybrid- and multi-cloud capable services, but I see @AWS EMR and Spark services and similar Azure and Google services as capturing faster growth, and together, the lion’s share of the big data platforms market,” he explained."
Cloudera and Hortonworks announce $5.2 billion merger -- TechCrunch

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