Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Flipboard's Answer to Fake News: More Human Curation | WIRED

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"The makers of the Flipboard, a news aggregator with 100 million monthly active users around the world, noticed the same thing: more people are reading the news. Since last summer, the app’s engagement numbers have doubled, both in terms of "page flips" (the app's signature page-flipping motion) and the amount of time spent in the app. But Flipboard is hardly immune to the thorny issue of fake news, which the company’s editorial director once likened to "living in a hellish, ranting, Tower of Babel, with no one speaking the same ideological language and each of us in near-violent disagreement." 
That’s why Flipboard is doubling down on news curated by humans. Today, it's updating its app and website to include features that emphasize trustworthy news sources, ranging from book recommendations by top editors, to a weekly email newsletter, to a collaborative feature that lets groups create private Flipboard magazines. And it’s starting with the section of Flipboard the company says is most popular among its users: tech news."
Flipboard's Answer to Fake News: More Human Curation | WIRED

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