Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Is deleting Facebook the answer? – Lance Ulanoff – Medium

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"What Facebook did was still legal, in the name of business and, yes, kind of shady, much in the way many money-making corporations are. A site that relies on user activity and advertiser dollars to make money is naturally going to do whatever it can to increase both. Facebook is not a charity. It was not designed for social good, and I’m stunned that people still believe that Facebook should have started with people’s best interests at heart.

I am concerned that people want to tear the whole thing down, bring Facebook to its knees and start over. Facebook currently employs over 24,000 people. I doubt anyone wants to see all those people out of work.

Facebook is an important part of California’s economy and plays small part in local economies around the world. In some parts of the developing world, Facebook is, for better or worse, the only way people access the Internet. If it’s gone, something else will have to be built, and quickly, in its place."
Is deleting Facebook the answer? – Lance Ulanoff – Medium

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