Thursday, March 29, 2018

Can Social Media Be Saved? - The New York Times

Perhaps there's a deeper set of problems to consider, e.g., in light of events such as Trump Rings Up Roseanne Barr After Her Show Is a Ratings Winner (NYT)

"But it would be a mistake to throw up our hands and assume that it has to be this way. The original dream of social media — producing healthy discussions, unlocking new forms of creativity, connecting people to others with similar interests — shouldn’t be discarded because of the failures of the current market leaders. And lots of important things still happen on even the most flawed networks. The West Virginia teachers’ strike and last weekend’s March for Our Lives, for example, were largely organized on Facebook and Twitter.

The primary problem with today’s social networks is that they’re already too big, and are trapped inside a market-based system that forces them to keep growing. Facebook can’t stop monetizing our personal data for the same reason that Starbucks can’t stop selling coffee — it’s the heart of the enterprise."
Can Social Media Be Saved? - The New York Times

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