Thursday, January 26, 2017

Slack to launch enterprise edition - Business Insider

A big event for Slack next Tuesday

"The new Slack for Enterprise edition carries a set of features designed to take that a step further: The company has previously shared that its key feature is "federation." Customers taking advantage of Slack federation would make it easier for multiple teams to all have their own customized installations of Slack, but still be able to talk to their coworkers on different teams.

In addition, Business Insider hears that Slack for Enterprise will boast a new and secure API, the "hook" that apps use to talk to each other, to feature deeper integration with common workplace apps. Plus, as has been shared previously, Slack for Enterprise will offer the IT department a deeper set of security and analytics tools.

Meanwhile, Slack has its work cut out for it. A survey of IT professionals performed by help desk software provider Spiceworks found that Microsoft Teams stands a solid chance of overcoming both Slack and Google Hangouts in the workplace by 2018."
Slack to launch enterprise edition - Business Insider

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