Saturday, January 21, 2017

BA Insight podcast: Microsoft, Facebook & Slack — The Fight for Teams in 2017 with Peter O’Kelly

I had an opportunity to compare notes on Microsoft Teams and related market dynamics with BA Insight CTO Jeff Fried; check the link below (or the full description on the iTunes podcast page for some additional links and resources)

"Collaboration is the word for 2017, and the dominant tool for bringing modern collaboration and communication to your enterprise teams has yet to emerge. Between media darling Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Workplace by Facebook, the coming year is poised to bring a significant settling to this market, and you might find your users clamoring for a new environment as a result.
Peter O’Kelly of O’Kelly Associates joins BA Insight CTO Jeff Fried for a state of the union of collaboration tools. Peter has been working in this space since the early 1980s. He's been an industry analyst (including VP and research director at Burton Group) and also worked on enterprise collaboration solutions at Microsoft. Today, as an independent consultant, Peter helps software vendors with product and competitive strategies in communication, collaboration, and database tools."
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