Friday, January 27, 2017

Sharing meets collaboration - Box Notes vs Dropbox Paper (Diginomica)

Check the full post for a *Box content/collaboration comparison

"Will 2017 be the year that digital collaboration grows up? The year is certainly kicking off with a series of notable product enhancements by leading vendors in the space. This week Box launched a major update to its Notes collaboration canvas — more on that in a moment. Last week saw the launch of a major overhaul to teamwork tool Slack, including the long-awaited arrival of threaded conversations. Next week it’s expected to be the turn of Dropbox to unveil new functionality. Meanwhile the recently launched Microsoft Teams becomes generally available this quarter. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Suffice to say that digital technology offers more ways than ever for people to interact and share with colleagues, customers and stakeholders. These new patterns of collaboration are an essential success ingredient in a modern digital business. But despite (or more accurately, because of) this plethora of products jockeying for our attention, there’s no standard toolset or accepted methodology for making it work well. We’re all floundering in a digital ocean of uncharted collaboration options."
Sharing meets collaboration - Box Notes vs Dropbox Paper

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