Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Salesforce Challenges Office 365 With $750M Buy of Quip (eWeek)

More details on Salesforce + Quip; also see Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says a tech world 'rising star' convinced him to pay $750 million for a small startup (Business Insider)
"Quip, which integrates directly with the popular Slack, is a mobile-first word-processing and spreadsheet app that brings new competition to Microsoft Office 365 and OpenOffice. It also has a desktop version and offers chat rooms to give it a social-network-type look and feel.
Quip founder Taylor has said that he wants his platform to replace both Office and email. The convention now is to create a document, attach it to an email or upload it to Dropbox or Box and then email a note to people about the document. Quip has a built-in chat element in every document that negates that whole process.
While Quip works directly with Microsoft Office and Google Apps, it was designed to be an alternative from Day 1 -- which makes it a double-agent of sorts."
Salesforce Challenges Office 365 With $750M Buy of Quip

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