Monday, August 01, 2016

Quip + Salesforce = Big News

Tbd if this acquisition was inspired by Microsoft Dynamics 365, and if Salesforce will now try to take a run at Office 365; also see Salesforce buys word processing app Quip for $750M (TechCrunch)

"We’re inspired by the possibilities ahead of us. As part of Salesforce, we will be able to expand our service more quickly and reach millions of people all over the world — which has been our mission since day one. And, we’ll be able to extend the Salesforce Customer Success Platform in powerful new ways with our next-generation productivity capabilities. The possibilities of mixing data, content and communication are amazing.


Salesforce and Quip share the same philosophy about software: it should be in the cloud, built for the mobile era, and be inherently social. Salesforce pioneered the shift to enterprise cloud computing—and Quip has been working since 2012 to reimagine a productivity platform for teams that allows them to be more connected, more collaborative and get more work done."
Quip - Quip + Salesforce = Big News

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