Thursday, April 07, 2016

'TacoBot' Is Taco Bell's Newest Way to Order - Fortune

I suppose this was inevitable... Also see What does it mean to build bots ethically? (The Wordyard Project) and Facebook is starting to suggest businesses you should chat with on Messenger (Business Insider)
"Taco Bell is getting in on the artificial intelligence game.

The Yum! Brands-owned fast food chain teamed up with Slack to introduce its new “TacoBot,” a service that allows customers to place pickup orders through the messaging app for select menu items. According to a press release, TacoBot employs artificial intelligence, giving it the ability to recommend menu items, answer questions, organize group orders, and facilitate transactions “fully equipped with the sharp and witty personality you’d expect from Taco Bell.”"
'TacoBot' Is Taco Bell's Newest Way to Order - Fortune

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