Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tesla Releasing Autopilot Software for Model S Cars - WSJ

Later in the article: "[Elon Musk] said the next update would include more autonomous features, and in three years Tesla will be capable of building a car 'able to take you from point to point, or drive from home to work, without you touching anything.'" "
"Tesla Motors Inc. begins distributing on Thursday an advanced set of autonomous driving features that stop short of being a fully driverless system due to regulatory and safety concerns.

Tesla’s software, announced earlier this year, will allow hands- and feet-free driving in everything from stop-and-go traffic to highway speeds, and enables a car to park itself. It will be available for 50,000 newer Model S cars world-wide via software download, with owners in the U.S. likely to get the features first.

The Palo Alto, Calif., luxury electric-car maker’s software requires a driver to grab the steering wheel every 10 seconds or so to avoid having the vehicle slow."
Also see Elon Musk vents about California’s lane markings confusing Tesla’s autopilot (Washington Post), which includes "'We still think of it as sort of as a public beta,' Musk said. 'So we want people to be quite careful when using autopilot.'" For more details, also see Tesla’s master plan uses its drivers to map every lane on the road (Quartz).

Tesla Releasing Autopilot Software for Model S Cars - WSJ

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