Thursday, October 15, 2015

‘Moments’ is Twitter for the rest of us | BetaBoston

So Twitter is okay for an occasional moment, while Facebook warrants hours...

"Thanks to the 140-character limit, Moments isn’t much good for in-depth coverage. For that, you’re better off with the “Trending” feature on Facebook. This service, launched early last year, features the most popular stories among Facebook users, then filters them according to the user’s location or the Facebook pages she regularly follows. As a result, my Facebook Trending stories may be different from yours.

Facebook Trending serves up full-length stories from major media sites, with those posted by your Facebook friends at the top of the pile. Once you’ve read one or two stories, you know enough to have an opinion on the topic, so you can kick off a good-natured debate with your online friends. I’ve blown many an hour this way – my tiny contribution to Mark Zuckerberg’s billions."
‘Moments’ is Twitter for the rest of us | BetaBoston

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