Thursday, September 24, 2015

Windows 10 in China | Blogging Windows

Tangentially, if you're running Windows 10 and Office <= 2010, you can purchase Office 365 Personal for 50% off; see this Microsoft post for details

"Together, we will make it easy for Baidu customers to upgrade to Windows 10 and we will deliver a custom experience for customers in China, providing local browsing and search experiences. will become the default homepage and search for the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10. Baidu’s new Windows 10 distribution channel, Baidu “Windows 10 Express” will make it easy for Chinese Internet users to download an official Windows 10 experience. Additionally, Baidu will deliver Universal Windows Applications for Search, Video, Cloud and Maps for Windows 10.

We remain deeply committed to delivering Bing around the world and we’re also committed to offering locally relevant experiences – like Baidu in China – to provide great Windows 10 experiences."
Windows 10 in China | Blogging Windows

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