Monday, September 28, 2015

Adblockers: The Only Way Out  | Monday Note

Check the full post for some accentuate-the-positive projections; also see Facebook Ads Are All-Knowing, Unblockable, and in Everyone’s Phone (BloombergBusiness) and Ad Blocking Is a Hot Topic for Marketing, Media Executives (WSJ)
"The advertising community can now brace for a double whammy: from a public that will increasingly draw on an expanding arsenal of ad-blocking and anti-tracking tools; and from advertisers opening their eyes to the vast scope of cheating. That’s why many predict a huge impact on the digital economy.

Now, if we take the long view and focus on the segment of high quality news content, current abuses could clear up the landscape in several positive ways."
Adblockers: The Only Way Out  | Monday Note

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