Monday, September 14, 2015

My biggest problem with Windows 10: Instability | ZDNet

FWIW Windows 10 (running on Mac OS/Parallels) has been mostly stable for me since I tried the first 5 suggestions in this troubleshooting post

"Microsoft's original plan, we've heard from various sources, was to roll out Windows 10 in October 2015. Instead, due to OEM pressure, Microsoft began rolling out Windows 10 in late July. An update with a bunch of missing features, known as Threshold 2, is coming later this Fall.

But what I'm more interested in now is Redstone. Redstone is the next set of updates for Windows 10 after Threshold 2. Word is there will be two Redstone updates -- Summer and Fall -- in 2016. And according to my sources, a big focus for Redstone will be on improving the stability of the Windows 10 ecosystem and its many piece parts, via engineering processes instituted by the Windows team."
My biggest problem with Windows 10: Instability | ZDNet

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