Monday, June 15, 2015

Newer Software Aims to Crunch Hadoop’s Numbers - WSJ

Sparking more interest in big data; also see IBM to Invest ‘Hundreds of Millions’ in Free Data Technology (BloombergBusiness) and IBM Invests to Help Open-Source Big Data Software — and Itself (NYT)
"“Spark replacing MapReduce is like a car replacing a bicycle,” said Christopher Nguyen, chief executive of Adatao Inc., which offers a software platform for data-driven decision making that includes both programs. That is, each has its uses, but one is many times faster than the other in many situations.

Like Hadoop, Spark is freely available under an open-source license, creating a challenge for businesses that aim to commercialize it. Databricks on Monday expects to offer widely a Web-based service that enables companies to take advantage of Spark’s number-crunching power without having to install or maintain the software in their own facilities. The company has made a point of trying to corner Spark engineering expertise in hope of making it a natural choice for the software’s growing user base, a common strategy for companies based on open-source software. It says it has 150 trial customers and 60 paying customers."
Newer Software Aims to Crunch Hadoop’s Numbers - WSJ

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