Friday, June 12, 2015

As Jive Continues To Plummet, Is A Takeover In The Cards? (Forbes)

From a stark Jive reality check

"So where market performance falls, acquisition interest increases as potential suitors look to the chance of making a quick buck. A recent report by analyst firm RealStory looked at the chances of a Jive takeover. RealStory looked at both Jive in isolation (what does Jive’s tanking mean for current, and future, Jive customers) and the market in general (is Jive the “canary in the coalmine” that indicates a systemic problem in the enterprise collaboration software market?).

The report not only looks at the market implications, but takes a look at potential suitors for Jive. RealStory applied its Suitorbility analysis to come up with a quadrant assessing motivation to acquire with the likely impact on customers. The bottom line being that RealStory believes OpenText or Oracle are the most attracted to Jive while customers would do best from a Tibco or SAP deal. It’s a perfect example of a disconnect between vendor M&A appetite and what is the right thing for the customers. RealStory notes that existing Jive customers are largely satisfied with the product, and a takeover wouldn’t serve their needs well."
As Jive Continues To Plummet, Is A Takeover In The Cards?

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