Thursday, March 26, 2015

The SQL Empire Strikes Back To Claim Agility (Forbes)

A timely DBMS/data platform perspective

"Hadoop has introduced a lot of agility into the world of analytics and data integration. Concepts such as schema on read and the radical flexibility of processing data stored in files have allowed those with the right skills to move fast compared to what can be done in the world of SQL-based data warehouses.

But through a variety of technologies, some of which were born to serve Hadoop, the SQL empire is now striking back to claim agility. A new group of technologies have been developed to address some of the long-standing challenges with the data warehouse ecosystem and with SQL databases in particular. By putting these technologies to work in intelligent and appropriate ways, it is now possible to move just as fast in the world of SQL as you can anywhere else."
The SQL Empire Strikes Back To Claim Agility

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