Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Apple Watch Apps Target Businesses - Digits - WSJ

A focus on time and attention optimization; also see Introducing Salesforce for Apple Watch: Inspired by the Consumer, Built for Business (Salesforce blog)
"Among several Apple Watch apps that straddled the line between business and consumer appeal – Citi Mobile, Expedia, PayByPhone Parking – two from Salesforce.com stood out. The Salesforce apps, which are free to paying customers of their corresponding Web programs, were designed as companions to the sales-software company’s mobile apps.

The idea is to use the watch for “10-second interactions” and switch over to a smartphone or desktop for more extensive tasks, said spokesman Michael Peachey.

The initial crop of business-oriented Apple Watch apps also included BetterWorks, designed to help employees set and achieve goals, and Invoice2go, a time-tracking program. Mayo Clinic announced Synthesis, a scheduling tool for doctors."
Apple Watch Apps Target Businesses - Digits - WSJ

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