Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nielsen Charts Reach of Video Streaming -

The opiate of the people, streaming edition

"People in households with subscriptions to video streaming services spend significantly more time in front of a screen than those in other households, the figures showed. Homes with the subscription streaming services spend 2 hours 45 minutes a day on time-shifted television seen with video game consoles, multimedia devices, and DVD or Blu-ray players. Homes without a subscription to those services spend 1 hour 57 minutes a day on the same screens.

The findings could call into question the assumption that Netflix, Amazon and Hulu cause people to cancel their subscriptions to traditional cable or satellite television, also known as cutting the cord. Homes with subscription streaming services spend 66 minutes a day watching time-shifted television, while households without subscriptions spend 56 minutes a day with it."
Nielsen Charts Reach of Video Streaming -

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